Grandi Vini d'Italia Group towards the years

It was the year 1987 when eight wineries from six Italian regions got together to create the first Italian wine exportation consortium, “Grandi Vini C.E.”. No other Italian winemakers would have bet a lira (the euro was still to come) on the probability of a partnership of this kind lasting more than a morning. We know, in fact, how great are jealousies between vintners, how many the secrets between enologists, how many conflicting interests often arise between companies, markets and sectors (segments in today's lingo) and it's easy to comprehend the skepticism of those not forming part of this consortium. In the eighties,in the midst of the technological revolution with Italy heading towards first place in quality wine production (achieved only in the current century) as well as in quantity, only a solid union of traditional vintners would have been able to work on difficult foreign markets, commencing with Europe and continuing on to the Americas and Asia. The big wine shows (from Vinitaly to Prowein to Vinexpo) held under one roof, the big trips around the globe, wouldn't have been possible at that time for the wineries individually, whereas the consortium represented a strong point in the growth of each and in knowledge of the “Grandi Vini C.E.” name throughout the world. Today consortium's trademark and its members can be found in eighty countries around the world. Only the trademark changed some time ago, becoming the “Grandi Vini d'Italia Group” and the companies are now six. Piedmont's Barolo and Barbera, Veneto's Amarone and Bardolino, Emilia-Romagna's Sangiovese and Chardonnay, Tuscany's Chianti and Supertuscans, the Marches' Verdicchio and Conero and, last but not least, the Maremma's Morellino and Alicante are only some of the varieties made by the eight wineries and it is said that the success and longevity of the consortium depends precisely on this product diversity. The truth, instead, is that Michele Chiarlo, Franco Tommasi, Umberto Cesari, Giancarlo Sacchet and Antonio Zaccheo, Gianfranco Garofoli and the Mantellassi brothers, Aleardo and Giuseppe, are exquisite people (personalities, rather) who know the meaning of real friendship… above and beyond personal interests. This is the key to the success of “Grandi Vini C.E.”.